Monday, 17 July 2017

Tom Langlands - Getting Down and Dirty

Emerald Damselfly

While there has been a fair bit of rain over the summer months it actually has not been that bad and temperatures have generally been warm. That means it's been good for the insects and bugs that frequent the edges of ponds and streams. That, in turn makes for good macro subject matter for the wildlife photographer.

Banded Demoiselle - female

Many people assume that a decent camera and a good macro lens is all that you need for this type of photography but the reality is a little bit harder than that. Because, you also needs oodles of patience and good fieldcraft skills. Many of the insects that I like to photograph have amazing eyesight and can detect movement from some distance away - usually well outside the range of where you would like to be with you macro lens.

Banded Demoiselle - male

As with many other types of wildlife photography you need to know your location, your subject matter and be very familiar with the equipment that you are going to use. Sometimes the only way to get some of these images is to lie down and get wet and dirty.

Golden-ringed Dragonfly

Here are a few of my favourite images taken over the last couple of months. For those interested in the technicalities of this type of photography these images were all taken with a hand-held, full-frame camera and a 100mm macro lens in natural light.

Common Darter Dragonfly

Tom Langlands

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