Monday, 10 July 2017

David Moses - Quick Tip to improve your photography - Work the Scene

One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your street photography is to work the scene. You see, what most photographers do is hurriedly take one or two photographs and then move on. This can be for any number of reasons such as

1 – they are afraid of being seen

2 – they could be nervous of being confronted

3 – the photographer is afraid of missing something else

4 – don’t understand how to anticipate events

etc etc etc

So how do you work the scene?

Well, it is as easy as it sounds. You just stay where you are and take more pictures. I don’t mean literally stay where you are. I mean stay in the vicinity and concentrate on making that one very good frame. There is a very simple principle at work here, to whit, the more pictures you take, the better chance of there being a good one amongst them.

The thing with street photography is that it’s usually the small details that make the difference. You might see a glance in the other direction or a raise of the eyebrows. Perhaps you may notice a change of direction or someone walking across the frame at the right time. You could get lucky with the sun coming out from behind a cloud... you get the idea.

This advice isn’t just coming from me – it was drilled into me by studying David Alan Harvey who encourages photographers to ‘work the scene forever’.

The best way to improve your street photography?

For me, the best way to improve your street photography is to work the scene. It is really easy to do and yields the most results. If you want to learn how to ‘work the scene’ then you can join me for one of my upcoming workshops in either Glasgow, Scotland or Marrakech, Morocco. Click here – for more information.

David Moses

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