Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Allan Wright - The Duskmeister

Early last year I was idly looking at new cameras in my favourite camera shop. I was happy enough with what I had, but, creatively I guess I was a little bit in the doldrums. Good salesmanship was applied to this lost soul as I was gently introduced to a new Nikon D500. The principle selling point that caught my interest was its excellent low-light capability. At the time I was approaching a book project which would involve a fair bit of street work, a handy little idea to help justify the purchase.

I have never really been obsessive about equipment relying more on observation and planning to get results. There was a surprise in store therefore when after some early sessions it started to dawn on me that this little piece of technological hardware could take me to low light places hitherto unthinkable, a dawning of the power of dusk hah ha.

I experienced a liberation in terms of what subjects started became fair game. In effect I realised there were no limits, if you could see it you, could capture it. I found I was using the ISO setting (sensor sensitivity) right across the range occasionally up to the maximum of 52,000, always hand held with handling ease and accuracy that really impressed me. Furthermore when the resultant images were tidied up in the Camera Raw app I was completely sold, the image had a look about it and had rendered the kind of shadow detail I had only dreamed about.

As my affection for it grew (sad I know!!) I subsequently nicknamed it The Duskmeister. Ultimately it has been responsible for 60 % or so of the new images in my forthcoming book “Now Glasgow” co-authored with locally based fellow Glaswegian Des Dillon.

Dusk view up the Clyde from Albert Bridge in moonlight – 6,400 ISO

People Make Glasgow – Girls stepping out – by George Square 52,000 ISO

Mural under the Kingston Bridge 3,200 ISO

See you Jimmy – Argyle St - 10,000 ISO

Moral of my story – technology and creativity can jive.

Allan Wright

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