Monday, 3 October 2016

Allan Wright - In Search of Stock Shots on the East Coast

A dominant motivation for me in image creation falls into the category of quirky, street , fine- art & abstract themes, I get excited by the possibilities here. Sadly the business model for these is far from fully developed, (read almost non-existent). Having said that I probably spend a larger part of my time producing what can nominally be classified as “Stock Images”. A pursuit I do however find quite satisfying nonetheless.

I have an ongoing responsibility for supplying fresh images for up 20 view calendars per year and there is very little scope for repetition, thus my road mileage is considerable. This time of year is particularly productive in terms of light quality and colour palette so I tend to get busy about now.

The East Coast is a different animal from the West, it is more man-made and manicured than the rugged wildness of its Western counterpart, but still very rewarding. As I write this, Fife and Angus have just been in my sites and so here are a handful of “stock shots” that I’d like to share.

Near Dunfermline I caught sight of a ubiquitous “turbine farm”. Big deal maybe, but it was the dramatic sky and the juxtaposition of a live oil refinery on the skyline that jazzed it all up a bit. Unsuitable for the calendar market but has possibilities in a more generic context.

Kelly Castle NTS, East Neuk of Fife. I have failed to score with this subject a fair few times, insufficient planning generally being the cause. Today though even at completely the wrong time of day for conventional approaches, the light was so strong and the garden so resplendent that with the help of bracketing and slight HDR I managed a usable image.

On a sunny day Pittenweem is a photographer’s banquet, boats, nets and classic pan-tiled vernacular buildings always deliver. Today however I found a departure from cliché with a homecoming boat and a big harbour sky.

Elie is the posh enclave of the East Neuk. It is easy to see how it evolved this way with its fabulous beach and recreational value. Unusual for the east Coast it offers sunset options.

Angus has a lesser profile in the Scottish inventory of scenic locations, however dig a little deeper and there are plenty treasures to be unearthed. The series of Glens to the North which constitute the Southern Cairngorms, the Angus Glens as they are known funnily enough, have drawn me over the years. It seems by accident I have left the best to last. Camped out in Glen Esk and caught a beautiful frosty sunrise which in steady increments illuminated this gentle and stunning piece of landscape. Love to see Highland Ponies contentedly as part of a working highland shooting estate.

North River Esk view

Aberdeen is an important subject and like other dynamic cities has landmarks that are constantly evolving, often last year’s classic views are conspicuously dated and thus devalued. The illustrious architecture or Marischal College has acquired a ruby tinge since my last visit and so a hand held grab at dusk makes for a punchy offering.

Next stop Inverness.

Allan Wright

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